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My son is not 2 or older, but I am desperate for help.

OK here is the situation.. Ethan is 13 months and a few days. Still nnursing. I am 20 something (I know sad I can't remember the exact number) of weeks pregnant. I have nursed through 2 pregnancies besides this one with no problems. Well, right now I am extremely sore. I cringe at the thought of nursing him. I only let him nurse at nap time and then before bed unless he is really throwing a huge fit and nothing else will calm him. In other words he demands the boob.
I don't think I really have much if any milk left. I have tried eating oatmeal, and even half of an na beer, I HATE the taste of beer. Half of it was all I could stomach. I drink PLENTY of water. So that shouldn't be it. I have never had this happen before. Anyone have any ideas?
Oh yeah, and today I had a Dr's appt. Last month, my iron was low around9.1 or something like that. Well, this time it was even lower. As in 6.5. My Dr has been supportive of bfing thus far, but he said I really might want to concider weaning since it is taking some of my iron too. He wasn't being mean, he was being honest. I am taking both my prenatals and extra iron pills, so I am just having anemia problems.
I just don't want to cheat Ethan out of nursing as long as he wants. The girls both nursed until they rejected it which was at 22 months for Hailey and around 19 or 20 months for Chloë. I would have "let" them nurse longer, they just decided on their own that they didn't want anything to do with nursing anymore.
Help me please.....
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