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Hello, glad to see a community like this!!

Hi, I'm thinggtwoo, go by "claire" sometimes, so it'll do here. :-) I found this community through a friend, and thought it was the perfect place to hang out!

I'm a 37 yr old Part-Time SAHAPMomma, and my only child is my daughter, 3 yrs and 3 months old. She still nurses appreciably; some days I think she's on her way to weaning (day weaning, LOL) and some days I can't SIT STILL or take off my shirt before she's latched onto me. Hubs (daddyhotep) calls her Ms. Lamprey, and the Original Opportunist, LOL - I LOVE it, I love being an "Extended Nurser", considering that it took us ten days of pumping & finger-feeding to get going. I do admit tho, that some days, when she nurses primarily out of boredome, that I get annoyed and could use some "NO TOUCH" time. Those nights, I usually tell Hubs "Tonite's my Bath Night, you & Boo get to do bedtime sans Mommy." He's great, says "Sure thing!" and Boo has come to understand "Mommy Time", and she'll just wish me a happy bath, and settle down with Daddy & some books. :-)

Boo has been sick 5 times in her life: 4 colds (started as croup, every damn one) and one stomach bug, poor kid. The last time was last Christmas, and she exclusively nursed for about 5 days - I was extremely thankful then that we've got this AMAZING relationship!! She is, and says so, too. :-)

So, I guess that's me - oh, I live in New England, with 6 cats and family across town. Hope everyone is well, and all of us are safe from Ivan!
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