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*note: if you belong to other breastfeeding communities, you may have read this entry. sorry to annoy you guys, but i really need advice. also, expect typos-a-pleanty because i am typing one-handed while nursing*
Good morning! i am new to this community and to LJ so here is some info:
i am 14 years old and 8 months pregnant. No, for all those who stereotype, i am NOT a slut (i am proud to say i have a near-perfect GPA and i have only been with one person, my bf and the father of this baby)
i am currently lactating and i do wet-nurse (as you will find later in this entry) because i love it and i am VERY pro-breastfeeding. when my little one is born i am very willing to nurse her (yes, she is a girl! yay!) until she is 5 years old!

I am at home with my bf Matt right now, babysitting 2.5-year-old Kevin Zhou. He is SO adorable i cannot even begin to say!! He (and Matt) stayed the night at my house because his mom had a last-minute church gathering. He is not and was never breastfed, and i think that is just awful. I started offering him my breast when i babysat him the first time, and he LOVES nursing. he will ask in the cutest voice 'shoshi can i nurse?', and it ends up that when he is with me he is breastfed only. I love nursing him too, but should i? is it bad that i wet-nurse him? right now i am nursing him (and typing with one hand, not easy) so that is why i brought it up. do you have any comments??
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