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Nursing At Two And Beyond

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

8:06PM - sweet and sad...

well it has been two weeks now since my 3 1/2 year old nursed... so we are finished. it has been lovely.

so i guess i don't really belong here anymore.

best to all you nursing mamas... you rock

Saturday, November 12, 2005

7:24AM - new but maybe be leaving...

I'm new here... hello!

My daughter is 3 1/2 years old and has always been an avid nurser. I thought I was gonna lose it mentally a few times in the first 2 yrs due to lack of sleep... she pretty much nursed every 2-3 hrs around the clock until 20 months. I finally night weaned her around 2 1/2.

I have loved our nursing relationship. I never planned to nurse this long... she demanded it and I was priveldged enough to meet her demands.

I guess she is almost weaned now. She hasn't nursed in 4 days... she has been skipping days for the past 4 or 5 months.

Kinda sad but we are both ready!

This is a short story I have written for Fertile Ground a really awesome zine ( http://www.fertilegroundzine.com/ )!

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Friday, November 11, 2005

11:25PM - I feel like I can officially post here now

My son turned 2 years old today!

He still loves his "nee nees" too and he can wean whenever he want to :)

Monday, October 17, 2005

3:46PM - HI!

My two year old is still one with the booby. He nurses when ever he feels like it, for the most part. The only issue that I am really having now is that he is still nursing all night long and my back is hating it. I feel like my body is falling apart because I am not sleeping well bacause of the way I have to lay to nurse. Any ideas, other than moving him out of our bed.. I really don't think he is ready yet.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

11:13PM - question

My son is not 2 or older, but I am desperate for help.

OK here is the situation.. Ethan is 13 months and a few days. Still nnursing. I am 20 something (I know sad I can't remember the exact number) of weeks pregnant. I have nursed through 2 pregnancies besides this one with no problems. Well, right now I am extremely sore. I cringe at the thought of nursing him. I only let him nurse at nap time and then before bed unless he is really throwing a huge fit and nothing else will calm him. In other words he demands the boob.
I don't think I really have much if any milk left. I have tried eating oatmeal, and even half of an na beer, I HATE the taste of beer. Half of it was all I could stomach. I drink PLENTY of water. So that shouldn't be it. I have never had this happen before. Anyone have any ideas?
Oh yeah, and today I had a Dr's appt. Last month, my iron was low around9.1 or something like that. Well, this time it was even lower. As in 6.5. My Dr has been supportive of bfing thus far, but he said I really might want to concider weaning since it is taking some of my iron too. He wasn't being mean, he was being honest. I am taking both my prenatals and extra iron pills, so I am just having anemia problems.
I just don't want to cheat Ethan out of nursing as long as he wants. The girls both nursed until they rejected it which was at 22 months for Hailey and around 19 or 20 months for Chloë. I would have "let" them nurse longer, they just decided on their own that they didn't want anything to do with nursing anymore.
Help me please.....

Friday, November 26, 2004


child-led weaning is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

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2:13PM - BABY!

*note-if you belong to breastfeeding communities, you will probably see this there too*
I just cannot believe this. there is so much to say and i am so happy!! I HAD MY BABY!!!! Here are all the details:
Acadia Li-ming Setter.
Born on November 25th, 2004 at 8:24pm.
6lbs 9oz.
She has a head of black hair just like her mommy.
She has no problem latching on! YES!! my boobie baby knows just how to do it!
Best of all- she is healthy and beautiful!! Every time I re-play the doctor's words "She is perfectly healthy" in my mind, I get ecstatic. I cannot believe how lucky we are. I just can't.
Here is the delivery story:
Everybody was over at my house for a combonation baby shower/Thanksgiving celebration. We wanted to combine the two occasions because some of our friends and relatives live pretty far away and we didn't want them to have to make 2 separate trips out here. I was chopping veggies with Linna (who is sitting right nest to me at the moment) when I felt a shot of pain. I was not expecting this so I let out a yelp and Linna told me to lay down on the couch. After laying down for a minute and having no more pain, I decided to go back and chop some more veggies. However, I got another shot of pain, more painful this time, and I doubled over. All of a sudden everybody was crouding around me and I just wanted space, but everybody decided that we should go to the hospital. Matt went to get the baby's going-home outfit just in case, but at first we couldn't even FIND it. Finally we got everything and everybody (nobody wanted to stay behind, even the few people *not sayng names, lol* who seemed glued to the football game before. so sweet of them! i love you guys!) and decided everybody would have to squish into 2 cars (my mom's car and Logan's car). The ride to the hospital was NOT FUN. The contractions got worse and closer together, and we, so *conveniently*, live about 13 miles from the hospital. But we DID get there and we all must have looked pretty silly, a bunch of teenagers and some adults with one pregnant, red-faced teen trying to keep from screaming. I was REALLY scared. I just wanted the baby out!! Tha labor was SOOOO painful and scary I cannot even describe (but most of y'all can relate, right?). It lasted *forever*, but then finally i heard my baby's crying and it was the best feeling in th world. No, it wasnt. The best feeling was when the doctor gave her to me and told me she was healthy like i had been praying for. Now Linna wants to type something:
Hiya peeps! This is Linna, I was in the waiting room with about 15-20 other frazzled teenagers. Matt was pacing constantly until i finally got him to sit down and read something. We pooled our money Anya and Dante kept leaving and coming back with coffee and food (bless their souls). We all just wanted to go in there and see how everything was going, but a few of the hospital staff people were total bitches (and racist too, they were REALLY nasty to Lucia and Amelia because they are black) and we just had to wait. thank god Aaron had his laptop and Meimei had her i-pod (:. Then FINALLY someone came and told us that Sho had a healthy baby girl and we all exploded. They let Matt go in and see her, and he already had tears in his eyes, i swear. later they let us all see baby Acadia, and she is SO beautiful. she is sleeping next to us right now, and i keep peeping into the cradle and squeaking. yes folks, squaking. got a problem? (jkjkjk). okay, well Shoshi is telling me to finish up so imma gonna go now.

*It's Satoshi again*
Wow, that is basically it! I know this is going to be allot of work, but I am SO thankful to have friends, family, and my wonderful bf Matt supporting us all the way. Not many teen moms are that fortunate.

Acadia, you are our beautiful, precious, healthy Thanksgiving baby. Ammah and Ba-ba love you more than anything, more than words can say

Also- yes, we took about a jillion pictures...but none of them are digital (no digital camera handy, dui bu qi!!!)

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Saturday, November 20, 2004

8:58AM - wet nursing

*note: if you belong to other breastfeeding communities, you may have read this entry. sorry to annoy you guys, but i really need advice. also, expect typos-a-pleanty because i am typing one-handed while nursing*
Good morning! i am new to this community and to LJ so here is some info:
i am 14 years old and 8 months pregnant. No, for all those who stereotype, i am NOT a slut (i am proud to say i have a near-perfect GPA and i have only been with one person, my bf and the father of this baby)
i am currently lactating and i do wet-nurse (as you will find later in this entry) because i love it and i am VERY pro-breastfeeding. when my little one is born i am very willing to nurse her (yes, she is a girl! yay!) until she is 5 years old!

I am at home with my bf Matt right now, babysitting 2.5-year-old Kevin Zhou. He is SO adorable i cannot even begin to say!! He (and Matt) stayed the night at my house because his mom had a last-minute church gathering. He is not and was never breastfed, and i think that is just awful. I started offering him my breast when i babysat him the first time, and he LOVES nursing. he will ask in the cutest voice 'shoshi can i nurse?', and it ends up that when he is with me he is breastfed only. I love nursing him too, but should i? is it bad that i wet-nurse him? right now i am nursing him (and typing with one hand, not easy) so that is why i brought it up. do you have any comments??

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

6:19PM - Hello, glad to see a community like this!!

Hi, I'm thinggtwoo, go by "claire" sometimes, so it'll do here. :-) I found this community through a friend, and thought it was the perfect place to hang out!

I'm a 37 yr old Part-Time SAHAPMomma, and my only child is my daughter, 3 yrs and 3 months old. She still nurses appreciably; some days I think she's on her way to weaning (day weaning, LOL) and some days I can't SIT STILL or take off my shirt before she's latched onto me. Hubs (daddyhotep) calls her Ms. Lamprey, and the Original Opportunist, LOL - I LOVE it, I love being an "Extended Nurser", considering that it took us ten days of pumping & finger-feeding to get going. I do admit tho, that some days, when she nurses primarily out of boredome, that I get annoyed and could use some "NO TOUCH" time. Those nights, I usually tell Hubs "Tonite's my Bath Night, you & Boo get to do bedtime sans Mommy." He's great, says "Sure thing!" and Boo has come to understand "Mommy Time", and she'll just wish me a happy bath, and settle down with Daddy & some books. :-)

Boo has been sick 5 times in her life: 4 colds (started as croup, every damn one) and one stomach bug, poor kid. The last time was last Christmas, and she exclusively nursed for about 5 days - I was extremely thankful then that we've got this AMAZING relationship!! She is, and says so, too. :-)

So, I guess that's me - oh, I live in New England, with 6 cats and family across town. Hope everyone is well, and all of us are safe from Ivan!

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Saturday, April 3, 2004

4:34PM - Hello

Hi Patchfire (and other members soon to follow).

EBF, co-sleeping, kinda crunchy mama here ;) My guy is 2 and some change (about 28 months) and still going strong in the nursing department. Actually, he usually only nurses at night or before naptime. I'm in that phase where I switch between still loving the relationship and wanting to take my body back (depends, I suppose on what kind of mood I'm in). Of course, haven't we all felt that way all through out our nursing relationships -- it's both the most beautiful bond and the most draining (no pun intended -- okay slight pun intended).

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Monday, March 29, 2004

11:07PM - Welcome!

Welcome to not_weaning_yet! Please read the userinfo and join us. There aren't many of us in the 'uncharted waters' of nursing past age two in most Western countries, and even fewer as our babes get older.

I'm patchfire, and I have one dd who is currently 3 1/2 years old. She nurses primarily at night (before bed, sometimes during the night, and once before we get up), and while she talks in general terms about some day weaning, I don't think we're close yet. :)

Post and/or comment and introduce yourself!

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